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These are the replacement window companies I deal with most regularly. Cost and delivery are major factors, as are quality control. All of these companies have positives and negatives depending on type of replacement window and window manufacturers promotions. All good products have a lifetime warranty. There are links to the specific manufacturers on the links page, this page contains my evaluation of the products they sell and some personal experiences I've had with them.

The Don Young Company

These guys are incredible. They just released a new vinyl line that includes casements, single hungs, and double hungs with matching profiles (that's unusual). They are the supplier we use most often for thermo-break aluminum windows. The thermo break is in the frame and the sash, and they line up properly to provide the best engineering of an aluminum product I've seen. They are incredible with customer service also. A service problem is usually addressed within two days of being reported. That's peace of mind for me.

NT Windows - Mansfield Texas

This is a local favorite. Produced here in Mansfield Texas by a 30 + year old company using Cardinal 366 Low-E glass with Argon from the Cardinal Plant in Waco Texas.  I was the 2011-2012 NT Window Dealer of the Year for their Energy Master Vinyl Single Hung and Double Hung Replacement Windows.

I love these guys because they will build taller windows, great architectural windows and have excellent customer service. They are a national company with national standards but are assembled here locally and that minimizes shipping damage and delays.

Alside Windows and Doors

This is the Energy Star Window Manufacturer of the year for 2000, 2001, and 2002. They were also a Consumers Digest Best Buy for 2007. They build some incredible vinyl replacement windows, vinyl doors, vinyl bay windows, bow windows and entry doors. I use them for prefabricated Bow windows and Bay windows exclusively because they build such an incredible product. Although not local, they are very good with delivery and customer service issues. The Excalibur series is the one I sell most often, as it is very comparable to the most costly of windows available, and yet, still very reasonably priced and it has a narrower frame than do many other vinyl replacement windows.



Window Connection Door Systems are provided by these manufacturers......


MAI Wood Doors in Mahogany, Oak and Specialty Woods

ThermaTru Fiberglass Exterior Doors

ProVia Exterior Doors and Entry Systems

Two of the lowest cost providers are the Lumber Stores.........let's talk about them....

American Craftsman (Home Depot)

I've hung literally hundreds of these but this one is still a struggle for me. I like the product construction on the 8500 Double Hung, the single hung is pretty cheesy, but the delivery method leaves alot of damaged product issues.

Home Depot and Lowe's are not very good at special ordered items (in my opinion). Lack of training for their shipping people, poor stacking of windows on pallets (windows should be transported standing vertically not horizontally), and forklift damage are all common problems.

Home Depot and Lowe's requires full payment in advance, which is a problem for me as the delivery will most likely be late or damaged or both. Seldom do customers like having their project run into weeks of waiting on product, and that is a fairly common problem.

At the Lumber Stores roughly 35% to 50 % of all special ordered products arrive damaged, wrong, or incomplete based on our records. These suppliers are the cheap way out, but it comes at a cost. These figures are based on actual job reports from our 5 years installation experience with these companies. During that period of time we installed literally several million dollars worth of product.

The Window Connection will install these products, but the ordering process is one that is left to the customer. We provide sizes for product, and do the install, but you as the homeowner have the burden of getting your materials when dealing with Home Depot.

We do utilize them for in stock patio doors and entry doors. They are good at stocking a diverse selection of doors; windows however, are their weak link. I've also had a great deal of seal failure warranty claims on their window products, as well as occasionally having the Low-E coating glazed on the outside of the insulated unit, exposing the coating to the elements and thereby appearing foggy almost immediately.

Better Built Windows (aka, X-ACT. Sold through Lowe's Home Improvement Stores)

I've hung more than 100 of these units and I guess they are my least favorite product. Here are some pictures I picked up on a 9-unit job in Late December. The single hung unit has no trim or bay and bow mullions available. That's a problem. There’s some pretty poor quality control on the finished product. The weep holes have no covers and are very poorly cut. I'm starting to sound mean so I'll just put up some pictures of the things I didn't like. Delivery issues are similar to those of American Craftsman. Our records show delivery failure 53% of the time. Color, size, or product damage are the primary offenders. Here too, we will install these products but you have to place the order with the lumber store and deal with them on delivery of product. Always allow your installer to verify all ordered sizes so there are no problems on install day.

You always get what you pay for with windows!




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