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As an award winning window and door installer, I got those wonderful accolades from getting sweaty and installing replacement windows from anyone and everyone in North Texas and especially Dallas.  I've got some pictures and some thoughts on several manufacturers that are available in our area.  I've installed dozens of each of these products so I do speak from experience.  I hope you find the perfect replacement window for your home, and even more, that you decide to trust me with that important project.  Do let me know how to help best!

Alside Excalibur Vinyl Single Hung Replacement Windows

Don Young Company Vinyl Replacement Windows with transomes and no grids.

The biggest plus for this replacement window overall is the glass size.  Most vinyl replacement windows have a frame of up to 3 1/2" all the way around the window that is frame, leaving considerably smaller glass size than was previously there.  We have so many 24" wide windows in Dallas it becomes a considerable factor in selecting a replacement window that doesn't diminish the light.  Also a factor if you already have a home that is a bit dark overall.  This is really prevalent in replacement windows made of vinyl moreso than aluminum. Wood windows always have massive frame thickness.

This is a great replacement window for North Texas in spite of what other window manufacturers like to say.

This replacement window actually has a 3/4" trim around all four sides to compensate for the gap left by the old steel buck frame.  The old frames from the 50's can be as thick as 5 1/4".

NT Window X-110 Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows

NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows in Dallas Texas.  Note the glass color when we go high performance on a glass package it can certainly affect the color of the glass.  This can be a big factor in selecting the right replacement window

I was awarded the NT WIndow Energy Master Dealer of the Year in 2012 and find this to be an excellent product.  It comes with Cardinal 366 Low-E Glass in its stock replacement window and provides an amazing .20 or .21 Solar Heat Gain Coeffecient (SHGC) and a U value around. 29.  This product can also be upgraded to a Triple Glazed Replacement Window and can have Krypton Gas instead of Argon Gas.  Krypton lowers the U Value with the triple glazing to about .16 from a .29 but the glass package can add $200 per window to cost.  NT also makes the Presidential and the Executive Series Vinyl Replacement as well.  They are all very similar as to performance.

Alside Vinyl Casement Replacement Windows

Alside Vinyl Casement Replacement Windows in Farmers Branch Texas

These always make a great choice in Replacement Windows.  The window swings out and the screen is on the inside of the window for a clean exterior look.  It also looks more like wood than any other window available.  Interestingly enough the cost is only about $100 to $200 more in cost per window more than the typical vinyl replacement window.

Don Young Company Earthwise Vinyl Double Hung Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows in Dallas Texas can come in many styles and manufacturers.  Usually the installation portion of the window project is the most important.  These Replacement Windows were produced by The Don Young Company in Dallas with their Earthwise Replacement Windows.

This is our Earthwise Vinyl Replacement Window produced by The Don Young Company here in Dallas. It is a double hung vinyl window with tilt in sashes. The screen can be used on the top sash or the bottom sash of the window in most double hungs. Double hung replacement windows do have less glass and more frame than do single hung replacement windows.

Alside Ultra Max Replacement Windows

Also called the Preservation series by Clarity Windows

Alside Ultra Max Vinyl Replacement Windows with Simulated Divided Lite Grids.

This window has a heavy frame but the added beauty of Simulated Divided Lites is always a plus.  Simulated Divided Lite Grids are also called SDL's in replacement windows.  SDL's are also expensive.  They run about $20 per lite extra.  In this replacement window it was an additional $240 on top of the window cost and installation for the cool grids.

Alside Ultra Max and Casement Vinyl Replacement Window Colors

Vinyl Replacement Windows do now come in alternative colors.  Some manufacturers paint and others use a laminated cover over the window exterior.  These colors are available in the Alside Excalibur or Casement Replacement Windows.

Before shot of a twin aluminum builders grade window with single paned glass.  Eighty percent of the windows out there are this style and type.      Knowing replacement window options is crucial.  This vinyl unit can be triple paned with Krypton Gas and offers an updated look that is similar to wood windows.

This is a great before and after window replacement shot.  This option was about $200 more than the basic options but what a difference.  Value is in getting what you need and what you want at an affordable price.  That's what we're here for!

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And if details matter to you, you should see this short video we made about window installation,  While painful to watch it does convey the caring we have for your home and your replacement window project



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