French Doors

Classic Clad Wood French Door with Simulated Divided Lites

One of the most popular things we install.  Most homes in the fifties, sixties and seventies were built with sliding doors that have reached the end of their lives. They get tough to roll, tough to latch, screens get damaged, and here's a shocker... the company that made that door in 1972 doesn't sell parts for it anymore... they do however sell new doors... (go figure)

Options Available

Grills are available, as is full glass, and screens on all units.Units can be made of wood, vinyl, steel, or fiberglass.

French Doors

French Doors hinge from the sides and have a door knob in the middle. One door is a primary operator but the dead panel can be unlatched as well to provide full access. This example has a dead sidelite on the end to make up a 94" opening.

This flush glazed french door with sidelite is in a Fox and Jacobs home.  Note that the door has a flush appearance to the door as it transitions to glass.  This is a vastly different look than the Home Depot and Lowe's French Doors which have a plastic frame that protrudes from the surface of the door.  This look is better for blinds plus offers glass that is 3" wider and 6" taller than standard french doors.

Atrium Style Doors

Hinge in the center. One panel is stationary and one is operational, door knob and deadbolt are on one side or the other

Sliding Doors

Vinyl or Aluminum sliding doors help save living space and provide the maximum amout of light in any opening. That's important in many homes. A sliding door delivers 44% more light than a french door (standard sliding 6 foot door has 32.8 square feet of glass, a standard 6 foot french door has 18.4 square feet of glass). That's a big difference as far as available light. Sizes available run from Five foot to Twelve foot in length, and consist of two to four panels of glass. Wood sliding doors are also very popular. They are usually aluminum or vinyl on the outside, but a paintable or stainable wood on the inside. These tend to be a higher end product, cost wise.

Our Door Light Manufacturer makes some amazingly attractive glass inserts that are applicable for Steel or Fiberglass Door units.......Have a look at some of their choices at the following link.......

I'm very proud that all the doors in our door gallery are prehung exterior doors and they are priced under the door slab itself. Door installation service is usually $200 on a standard door installation. No one offers more selection and better pricing on the quality ThermaTru Exterior Door Systems than The Window Connection - Dallas Texas.

Window Connection - ThermaTru Door Gallery with all door prices.

The beautiful door pictured is a our Classic Clad Wood French Door with Simulated Divided Lites.

The Window Connection Dallas Texas

For our do it yourself friends here's a video of our founder performing a basic installation.

And if details matter to you, you should see this short video we made about window installation,  While painful to watch it does convey the caring we have for your home and your replacement window project


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