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Energy Savings and Energy Costs

These may be the most significant reasons to buy windows and doors.

You can spend the money on Energy or on a Better Standard of Living.

You can recoup the money on Energy Savings or Re-sale Value.

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According to the Texas Window Initiative, 46% of all your energy costs are window related. For those of us who have a utility bill that averages $250 per month.........that's $1380 per year spent on faulty windows

New windows can save up to 50% over the builders grade products on your home now. (That's a savings of $690 in the first year alone.)

TWI is a consortium of power companies that are facing brown outs due to a lack of Electical Plants here in Texas. They have no reason to sell you windows.....and yet ......look at what they have to say about your energy loss and replacement windows.

This is significant as you consider the cost of windows...........its good to know there are ways to justify your expenditure on two fronts......energy savings and resale value.....lets look at both.....

If 46% of energy costs are window related......heres what we know about windows that are produced today ....

They are 30% better than the Double-Paned Windows produced just 10 years ago......... and more than twice as efficient as a single paned windows.....


Lets see more about this subject........


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