The competition for your window replacement business in North Texas

The Window Connection Dallas offers these reviews of window installation providers in North Texas

Home improvements can be too cheap, or too expensive.

Some companies charge too much for what they deliver. Other companies charge too little to stay in business and keep the quality of installation at an appropriate level. Replacement windows too come in "too cheap" and "too expensive" from many different window and door vendors.

The cheap ones send inexperienced installers who are in a hurry and can ruin a project.

The expensive ones can charge more than double our "installer direct" pricing.

Quality and accountability are the most important things in a vinyl replacement window project. 

Have a look at this great do-it-yourself video on detail concious caulking beads on vinyl windows.

Here's how you proceed with confidence and a sure safe approach on any window replacement project, or any home improvement for that matter:

Be proactive and wise with your window replacement project. Here are some good steps to take.

1. Do good research about installation. The difference in a good job and a bad job is about installation. You can see that on the blogs if you surf them for a while. Sizing, removal technique, caulking beads, product, trim, performance, longevity, resale appearance, and functionality are all issues. Those are some crucial details that you will think of and will matter sometime after you've learned manufacturer names and glass types and spacer options and performance estimates from a miriad of sources. There is alot to know.

Many get hung up with "paralysis by analysis". You are looking for someone you trust with details that you will not think of. This is much easier than trying to learn all the details involved.

2. Deal with someone you trust. I try to be very transparent with my customers and work them through the process to a great deal on a great product. That is always my goal. I offer several options so that you can get the right thing for your home and your budget. I am seldom the lowest bid or the most expensive bid.

I am always the person most likely to offer the best value in replacement windows and doors.

3. Check the internet for reviews and ratings. Here are some great places to start. Make these part of the research.

Better Business Bureau

Pissed (Window Forum)

4.Beware of companies that seem to close and reopen under a new name fairly regularly. This is the case with World of Windows and Wonderful World of Windows and Siding. They were at one point Window World. Eagle Windows in Irving does that alot too.

5. Beware of companies with high pressure approaches to sales. No discount is worth feeling pressured. Don't fall for it. Someone in your home too long will wear you thin. Be prepared to say no, get this, SIX TIMES. This is how many times a professional salesman is trained to ask you for your business. Know how to say no six ways, do the work to get information.

6. Beware of larger companies that use varied subcontractors. Many times these crews are not well supervised and although very fast on the jobsite, they are often not too concerned with the details. Detail conciousness takes special time and effort that few are willing to deliver at any cost. Building in a reasonable labor amount makes sense for quality of install.

7.Use a credit card like a VISA with a buyers assurance program behind it. This gives you some peace of mind with any home improvement you buy. Should the vendor not deliver you can backcharge the credit card charges and get your money back.

Dallas Area Window and Door Installation Contractors and Their Reports from assorted sources:

Champion Windows and Doors

These are the folks who have historically had annual sales of 33 to 40% off. You always wonder who pays $10K for a $6K window job.

Expensive (usually) to buy. Very persuasive Sales Team.

Pella Windows and Doors

Very pricey stuff. The vinyl is very dissapointing and the wood is very very expensive.

Sears Home Improvement Windows and Siding

Expensive to buy. Usually poor quality installations as they pay very little per unit and sell hundreds of units. Keeps installers moving fast, but not careful

Renewal by Andersen

Expensive to buy. Very persuasive Sales Team.

The Home Depot - At Home Services

We all know about these two. They just don't pay the folks enough to go slow and be careful. No training. Joe PickupTruck.

Lowe's Home Improvement Stores - Installed Sales

The cheap guys can only be cheap if they can be fast. You can only stay in business and serve your customers if you charge a fair price for a great product and provide great customer service.

Window World

One of the two or three that reopen all the time. World of Windows, World of Siding, World of Windows and Siding, Windoor World, you name it they're running out of letters to use. I notice that when they close one it's profile dies within a year too. These guys get hammered by actual customers. There is simply not enough money there to get good help to do the projects. There are a lot of very dissatisfied customers there who started trying to find the "cheap guys" Beware of the "menu pricing" as well. It was in previous years called bait and switch but they don't switch they simply upsell every aspect of the project to double the cost. Further, there are actually 750 complaints on a fairly well known site

Clear Choice USA - BBB

Clear Choice is an interesting case study. This BBB Rating was an F in January 2009. They have opened a miriad of new accounts and have divided the complaints among those different entities to show a better score. Here's the review: - Clear Choice USA, LLC

Manipulation is out there on the internet. Sometimes I've felt that way when dealing with the BBB. (specifically their pricey "recommended" advertising programs and exhorbitant yearly dues to be a member). I was at one time a member but am not at this time.

We have an A Rating on the Dallas BBB and it can be found at the following link:

The Window Connection - Dallas Texas

I also have an A Rating on Angie's list but they will charge you to see that link...sorry.

Another great resource for window replacement reviews and information is

Vinyl Windows Dallas - NT Windows Dealer of the Year 2011- 2012

Were very proud of our credentials.  Make sure to catch our resume and call us today!


Last Thought

As you read references from online resources follow the string to the users and note what other posts they show. This will help you decern the real reviews and comments from the advertising oriented "make myself look good by pretending to be a happy customer" thing that is out there on yahoo, google maps, and some other internet marketing pages.

Be careful. Find information you trust. Be a good steward of your money, your time and your home.

I pride myself on charging the lowest amount possible on any project to do it properly and use great supplies. If you charge too little that is impossible to do. For the higher priced companies, they simply have to charge alot due to their advertising overhead and you pay for that approach. I firmly believe I am the person at the best price point in between on any home improvement project done in North Texas.

Call me. Let me prove it to you.

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Quality Service and Professionalism Awards

I've been very fortunate to be a part of the most amazing industry in America, based right here in Dallas Texas.

I've trained many of the top professionals in our area both in sales and installation techniques. Overall we have a very small community of real professional window and door experts, and most of us know each other. I always encourage you to seek out a reputable contractor no matter what the project or need. "Joe Pickup Truck" has little incentive to be available in the following years for service and repair needs. The cheapest option is seldom the best option in window replacement projects.

Resale value and Energy Savings help us all to believe in what we do in the Window and Door business. I encourage my customers to price around with the competition. See what types of solution seems to be best for you from any product line, and then let me come look at the same project. I can beat any deal on the table from any reputable manufacturer, guaranteed.

You have my word that I will beat any deal offered by any other window and door installation contractor. This is my commitment to you.

At The Window Connection, our savings, coupled with our expertese on product lines and options, and our reputation for the highest quality window and door installation in Dallas will make you proud to say "The Window Connection did my windows".

You have my word on it. - Dave Traynor

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