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Bays have three windows, bows have four or more windows. Most retrofit bays and bows are built on site from individual window units, and have custom mullions to attach them together. This is something that we pride ourselves on. Very few contractors can do these as well as we do just due to the skill level required.

Bow Windows Dallas - Aluminum Bow Windows

Aluminum Thermally Broken Windows can offer narrower mullions for increased light.  This is harder to do with vinyl replacement windows.  Aluminum does not meet Energy Star Requirements though so the added light comes from much less energy effeciency from the window itself.  This was the main product for upper end homes up until 2008 when the Energy Star Guidelines were lowered to exclude Aluminum from eligibility.

Slim Line Vinyl Replacement Windows offer more glass and a smaller frame than many other vinyl window options.

This is a slim line Jeldwen Vinyl.  The mulls are smaller than many but this window is only 2 3/8" thick instead of our recommended thickness of 3 1/4" of depth to the main frame.

Vinyl Bay Replacement Windows with Alside Excalibur Single Hung windows

This vinyl bow window is made from Alside Excalibur Vinyl Windows with Custom Mulls and was designed to work with the existing shutters.  These often have been mounted in a way that it can be a challenge for the window installer to put in new vinyl windows without damage to the shutters.  Our experience makes the big difference here!


This too is a Don Young Company Model.  I used it here because of the sheer expanse of the opening and it's vulnerability during bad weather.

Quality of installation is the main focus for us as it is the end result necessary in higher end homes.


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