Argon Gas for Noise Reduction in Residential Replacement Windows

Argon Gas in Residential Replacement Windows in Dallas Texas will offer these performance specifications.

Argon raises your cost about 15 to 20% on any given window model. We find thats a wonderful feature that we encourage you to consider. The sound difference is incredible as we've used Argon on a number of "Problem Noise" jobs here in Dallas and had great success. I think its an option that you shouldn't be without........especially at that cost.

In some cases that are extremely noisy we recommend a triple glazed replacement window with Krypton gas to lower the noise level even more.  This option comes at a much higher cost of windows overall.  Triple glazing with Krypton Gas will add about $200 to an average sized window from most manufacturers. It represents the Rolls Royce of window glazing packages.

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