Argon Gas Windows Dallas

Argon gas in replacement windows cuts noise by up to 11 decibles

Argon is very popular in mid range vinyl replacement windows. Most builders grade type units will have Low E but no Argon. Argon is five time denser than oxygen and deaden sounds by about 11 decibles over non argon. Krypton is the next step up in a triple glazed window, but it drives the cost up about $200 from any reputable company. Another sound option is a double glazed with Laminated Glass. Laminated Glass is similar to the windshield of your car and has a plastic strip in between two single strength pieces of glass (glass is at a bit under 3/32" each plus the plastic for a 3/16" glass product for the outside pane. This option is quietest but very costly. These are sometimes called hurricane windows and used in coastal applications.

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