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Entry Doors for front of home in North Texas.  This wrought iron trimmed hardwood door is both beautiful and secure.    Solid Mahogany Oak and Hardwood Doors in North Texas from The Window Connection Dallas Texas    Wood Entry Doors

Entry Door Systems are sometimes Entry French Doors, sometimes a Door with a sidelight, sometimes a door with two sidelights. These also sometimes have transomes. Transomes are the windows that go above the door. Sometimes these are attached to the door unit and other times they are separate window units. Entry Systems are usually 81 1/2" tall, although some are 97 1/2", plus the transome.

Most doors manufacturers run 32" and 36" wide slabs. Sidelights are 10", 12", and 14" wide. Both have to be assembled on a door frame (or jamb) which adds 1 1/2" to that dimension to give us our exact unit size. A 36" door will yield us a 37 1/2" unit, with two 14" sidelights yielding 15 1/2" each, thus we have a unit size of 67 1/2". This can be widened with build ins between the door and the sidelights if necessary. Also trim can be widened, or openings altered, if necessary.

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Materials can be steel, fiberglass, or wood. Wood is often our best looking choice, but it's also our most expensive. Wood doors are very much like fine furniture. They are often custom made and usually require some degree of bravery on the part of the buyer. Very few places will have standing samples at all, much less have more than a few choices you can actually see and look at.

Catalogs, Internet and homeowner vision take precedent here. Find a basic glass design you like, then a material for the door that meets your needs and your budget. Steel systems are least expensive, followed by fiberglass, then hardwoods

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As I stated previously, special order items should be left to specialists.....

Our manufacturers are in Wylie and in Southlake Texas. They build thousands of doors every month for builders all across the country, and most of the new home builders in the area. They have an impeccable record of manufacturing and delivering a very high quality product. To access to their inventory use the following links... Make sure to get model numbers for pricing purposes and we'll create a custom quote for you.

Here is a Gallery of our Window Connection Front Door Entry System selections here in Dallas Texas

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